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Accredited Investors

Americans Serving Americans is accepting accredited investors Worldwide! Although the definition of accredited investor varies depending on your country, we are obligated to follow the laws of the United States. Hence, your eligibility to invest in our company is based on the U.S. definition of an accredited investor.

To qualify as an accredited investor, a person must either:
  • Demonstrate an annual income of $200,000 for the last two years with expectation of earning the same or higher income within the current year.
  • Have annual joint income with a spouse of $300,000 for the last two years with expectation of earning the same or higher income within the current year.
  • Have a net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with their spouse.
  • Be a general partner, executive officer, director, or a related combination thereof for the issuer of unregistered securities.
  • Have an entity that is a private business development company or an organization with assets exceeding $5 million.

ASA Investment Plans

Note: These are our 3 main plans. We do have additional plans, which vary based on Minimum Investment Amount and Term Length. Accepting Investors Worldwide

Be an Accredited Investor Worldwide for
Americans Serving Americans

Join our ASA Investor Community.

We must verify your eligibility to be an accredited investor for Americans Serving Americans. After successfully doing so, you will be approved to join our ASA Investor Community.

Please complete the following steps


Click Get Verified below and follow the instructions on the next screen to setup an account on our site and begin your verification process.


Provide two forms of identification when prompted to do so. Some examples of acceptable forms of identification include a photo id, passport, utility bill, or home lease agreement.


Prove accredited investor eligibility by submitting your earnings documentation. This can include W-2s, tax returns, or a letter from your lawyer, broker, or accountant.


Complete a video interview which will allow us to make sure that you are using your real identity and information. Additionally, this interview is a perfect time for you to ask questions.


Select your investment plan based on how much you are trying to invest and earn. We have plans which allow you to earn 3-5% each month by investing in We The People.


Review and sign your contract for the plan that you select. This contract will outline the terms of the agreement between you and Americans Serving Americans.


Send your initial investment to become an official ASA Investor. You will have the option to send either a bank wire or mail a certified check to Americans Serving Americans.


Access Investors Dashboard which will allow you to view real-time data from ASA, including the exact amount of money raised around the country each day.

This entire process can take 1-3 days. It’s all dependent on how quickly you move through the steps.